From time to time (usually on Fridays) I send to many Zydeco fans around the world a link to a new Zydeco Mystery Song.

The music may be old or new, good or bad; from Louisiana, Texas or other parts of the US or even from other countries -- but for a while the artists and album will remain a mystery.

The next week I reveal the artists, album and track of the previous week -- so it's not a mystery for too long.

Not a contest, just a personal challenge. Who knows ...
you may discover a song, artist, group or album that will be new to you.

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[ project ongoing since 2008 (in 11th year) ]

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Sample Song : (changes weekly)

[From Archives of the]

Zydeco Mystery Song

furnished to Mailing List Group on July 21, 2017


[Sample changed ===> July 10, 2019]


Background Photo Credit: L ee C e lano for The N ew Y ork T imes

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