A popular weekly Zydeco music project that ran for 12 years from November 2008 to November 2020, emailed to an International mailing list. Over 550 Zydeco musical numbers were featured during that time.

Although the project is no longer active, on a weekly basis, the archive still exists and you can still hear some of the featured songs.

Usually, on Fridays, I sent, to many Zydeco fans around the world, a link to a new Zydeco Mystery Song. The music may have been old or new, good or bad; from Louisiana, Texas, or other parts of the US or even from other countries -- but for a while, the artists and album remained a mystery. The next week I would reveal the artists, album, and track of the previous week -- so it's not a mystery for too long, and send out a new song for consideration.

Not a contest, just a personal challenge.Who knows ... listeners might have discovered a song, artist, group, or albumthat would have been new to them.

I have since established a list that changes MONTHLY of 4 of the past Zydeco Mystery Songs so that you can see what it was all about, can hear some of the mystery songs, and try your hand at identifying the performers of musical numbers.

I invite you to visit some (or all) of the below presented Weekly Zydeco Mystery Songs and to come back monthly to hear additional selections from the archives.

If you have friends that might be interested in hearing some Zydeco Mystery Songs from the archives, tell them to go here:


Zydeco Mystery Songs

[From The Archives]

     [Selections changed ===> November 2021]     



My Zydeco Shoes

January 20, 2017

Fire On The Bayou

March 10, 2017

Never Gonna Give U Up

June 8, 2018

Zydeco Music

February 15, 2019


[Answers Next Month - See Below for Last Month' s artists and songs]


Robert Graves Leonard's Slippery Sneakers Zydeco Band


Terry & the Zydeco Bad Boys

Opossum in the Sack

Koray Broussard

It Sure Wasn't Me

Major Handy

Zydeco Mama



Background Photo Credit: L ee C e lano for The N ew Y ork T imes

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