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Gary Hayman Gary Hayman's Life Experience

[ an interesting presentation that will hold your attention ]
Garmin GPS Tricks & Tips

[ I currently run a Major International user GPS WEB site and blog center with help articles for the owners. Learn to use your GPS like you never thought was possible. ]
Cajun Zydeco Music and Dance
[Currently under revision for updates. Come back soon]

[ formerly largest WEB site of its type . Highly active for 13+ years ]
What is Zydeco Music

[ informative article about Zydeco Music ]
How to Dance Zydeco

[ written instructions for Beginners and Novices - for those who need slightly more than a video. ]
Gary Hayman teaching Zydeco Photos of Gary Teaching Zydeco All Over The World & on Cruise Ships

[ a small photo display -- yes, that's me. ]
Zydeco Demos, Dancing, Instruction Videos

[ a short very interesting selection of some real hot Zydeco dancers. Also, learn some beginning steps via video. ]

Video Samplings of Popular Zydeco Artists and Bands

[ see and hear some of the best old time and current Zydeco artists ]
Gary Hayman in New Orleans Zydeco Mystery Song

[ a weekly song presented for you to guess at or just enjoy . Get on the mailing list if you want. and hear a weekly song -- usually on Fridays. ]
Zydeco Cruise 2008

[ Our 11th cruise was held Nov 2-Nov 9, 2008 ]

My Photo/Story Pages


[ lots of good stuff here ]

Vist to Sitges Spain 2011
Barcelona Trip 2011
Mr. Sancho's Cooking Class in Cozumel - 2010
Alaska 2008 Photo/Story
Visit to Iceland
Zydeco Cruise 2000, 2002 & 2005
Mardi Gras in Branson, Missouri
International Cajun Zydeco Festivals in The Netherlands
Zydeco Festival Sparks Nevada,
Visit to Munich, Germany
Visit to Dusseldorf, Germany
Cajun Zydeco Festival in Saulieu, France

All My Cruises (62 - so far: 549 days at sea)

[ see a listing of all my major cruises throught the years. ]
World-Wide Locations Where I Have Skied (over 150)
[ see a listing of my ski travels througout the years. ]
Roy Carrier - Zydeco Legend

[ highly popular Zydeco artist (passed-away in 2010) . I was the WEBMaster for his music site for several years. You can see some of my website work, here. ]
On-Shore Food Suggestions in Japan

[ Pictures and descriptions of street and small restaurant Japanese food that I am seeking when on-shore while cruising Japanese ports. ]

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